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Original Egyptische Erde (Egyptian Earth)

Tan Without the Sun

Egyptische Erde is Europe's Premier Bronzer Makeup.

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The Best Bronzer Self Tanning Make-up

Egyptische Erde Egyptian Earth

Unique facial tanner PH Balanced Terracotta enriched with silk proteins, Jojoba oil, Vitamin E and Liposomes will help to soften and protect your skin while bringing out your natural beauty.

Get a natural tanned look anytime with Egyptische Erde, the premier Italian self tanner that blends with your skin to create a healthy sun tan look in seconds

Egyptian Earth Will Replace Foundations Blusher, Powders and Foundations

Easy to Apply Light or Dark with No Caking or Streak

Helps Even Out Blemishes, Ruddiness and Acne.


Vitamin A for skin renewal to prevent aging

Vitamin E as an anti-oxidant and prevent moisture loss

Jojoba Oil to leave skin non oily and soft

Karite Butter for anti dryness

Peanut oil helps sooth and moisturize

Hyaluronic Acid for skin elasticity and reduced wrinkles

No Paraben and Fragrance FREE
Worn by both men and women worldwide as it looks natural and not like makeup.

Be Kind To Your Skin - Look Sun Tanned Year Round Without the Harmful Effects of the Sun.
Dermatologist tested, ideal for sensitive skin and not tested on animals.

Don't settle for imitation tanning products, buy the best bronzer.

Original Egyptische Erde is the top selling product being sold in Europe by IKOS, Bi-Kor, Egyra for over 30 years

Each 14g (.5 OZ) Egyptische Erde Compact has 100s of Applications

Ideally applied with a natural animal hair powder brush


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Egyptian Earth is the best Sunless Tanning Product Available

We ship Worldwide including USA, UK, Lithuania, Canada, Ireland, Australia and everywhere in between

Best Self Tanner Guaranteed

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