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What is in the Makeup?

The makeup is a protein, sunscreen and vitamin enriched terracotta compact. Full ingredient list.

My skin is uneven tones, will this help?

Since it works with your natural PH your skin will look more even and imperfections including ruddiness, blemishes, acne, and minor scarring will be minimized.

How do I apply the makeup?

For best results use a natural animal hair powder brush.  With a swirling motion put a little bit on the brush.  Make sure your skin is dry. Apply all over face and neck in upwards stroaks. Wait a few seconds and if you wish to have a darker look then apply more.

Will it stain?

Egyptian Earth is like many make-ups and and is recommended that you use a gentle cleanser to wash off at night. If you get on clothes it should come out with your usual stain remover and wash.

How long will a compact last?

With average use it should last for 100s of uses.

Where is Egyptische Erde made?

Made in Italy

Why can't I find this in stores?

Some finer salons are carrying it, but in order to keep the prices down it hasn't been introduced to large North American retail stores.  If you are traveling in Europe you will see this in stores but the price is more.

I recently bought a product that said it was Egyptian Earth but it went on funny and the color wasn't right, how do I know this is the good stuff?

This is the original that has been selling in Europe by IKOS and Egyra for over 20 years. Beware of cheap imitation products, this hasn't been duplicated.  If for any reason your not happy we will be happy to offer a full refund.


I want to buy in bulk?

Please contact us at  via email

When will I receive my order?

We have this in stock and will ship within 48 hours of ordering. It will take 5-10 days depending on the postal system.  Orders are shipped via Airmail worldwide.

Is the order process secure?

The checkout is through Paypal which is free and secure. Your payment information is not shared with us.

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